Minds you wish you had

This blog is solely for recollected thoughts after a lovely burrito. (Not your ordinary burrito) This might not be clearly understood by most, but should be comical for all.
If not, at least we had a good time - right?

Created By:
LYNN - B - Dreetz

Okay, I’m passing on this olympic torch of knowledge (@burritothoughts) and saying go listen to Explosions in the Sky. They’re an instrumental band and they are blowing my mind. Its like the soundtrack for my life. Burritos are making this a lifetime experience

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Thank you :)

—your burrito creator.

Salutations humans, 

This is the first post of what we hope to become the best blog out there for your local and friendly burrito lovers. 

Now to break down burritos would defeat the purpose of the name. Some will catch on, but some won’t. Some survived the titanic and some didn’t - shit happens. 

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Maybe before May20th there can be a video of the creators of this video (Dreetz/Lynn/B) with a little bit more background information.

a nice sound track will always be incorporated in the near future for your ear’s pleasure. I hope the world has a good night/morning. Happy Wednesday.